Welcome to Asymptote Club
Jul 4, 2018
2 minute read

This is adapted from a mailing list message I made to the new Asymptote Club members recently.

Welcome to Asymptote Club!

Your Asymptote Club account grants you access to many services, all running on free (as in freedom) software. If you have any suggestions for more services, contact me (especially if you have experience administrating them).

You can see a full list of Asymptote Club services on the homepage, at https://asymptote.club. Announcements of new services, planned server downtime, etc. will be made on this mailing list. Also, it is highly recommended to open your favorite Matrix client (https://asymptote.club/matrix is easy) and join the Asymptote Lounge channel. It’s a place to hang out, discuss Asymptote/free software/anything else, and also where lots of discussion of Asymptote’s management happens.

Now for some more information about the infrastructure Asymptote runs on. It’s currently in stage 1, where the infrastructure is hosted on Vultr VPSes with Ubuntu GNU/Linux. At this stage, we have 3 VPSes:

  • Freddie freddie.asymptote.network Authentication server (runs account.asymptote.club and the LDAP server)
    512MB RAM, 20GB SSD, 1 “vCore” $2.50/mo
  • Gopher gopher.asymptote.network Service server (runs Git, CI, Matrix, paste server, homepage)
    2GB RAM, 40GB SSD, 1 “vCore” $10.00/mo
  • Major major.asymptote.network User content server (runs mail, static site hosting, shell, home directories via NFS)
    512MB RAM, 20GB SSD + 50GB Vultr Block Storage mounted to /nethome, 1 “vCore” $2.50/mo

Currently, I’m footing the bill for them. If someone wants to chip in, you can get in touch with me. In the future, I’d like to upgrade to a dedicated server so we have more flexibility with experimenting with more services and potentially providing (small) VPSes to members’ projects.

Lastly, I’m a full time student who is currently in summer break. Once school starts again in the fall, I won’t have nearly as much time to work on Asymptote Club. I’d like to install some sort of governance model so that I’m not the sole adminstrator and sole point of contact for issues by then. Discussion on this is welcome.

Thanks for coming aboard this project of mine, and I hope Asymptote Club continues far into the future.